Identitypass Webhook

We trigger an event when certain actions are performed, this event sends a structured payload to your configured webhook URL.

Setup Webhook

Setting up your company wehbook can be achieved using the following steps.

  • Login to the portal

  • Navigate to Settings from the sidebar

  • Click on the Merchant Profile tab

  • Edit the Webhook URL input with your reachable webhook endpoint.

  • Save your update

  • You are good to go👍

Authorisation and Security

Every webhook event sent to your URL contains two headers.

  • x-identitypass-signature This is a base64 encoding of your public key

  • token This is a unique verification reference generated by Identitpass

Note: these two headers can be used to verify that the data coming to the endpoint are from our system and we also recommend you verify the host of every request and make sure it is coming from our API BASE URL.

Please make sure to return a status code of 200 for every webhook event sent to your endpoint to prevent us from trying to process the event again.


      "status":True, // True or False
      // other data structures (same as API responses)

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